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Reviewed Sep. 3, 2021

Spectacular Seawall - Known & loved throughout the NPS system

Famous Seawall Campground is divided into four loops. I can only review loops A & B where I have stayed…although I did look quickly at loop C which has a parking lot configuration and doesn’t have the character of loops A & B which are in the woods. Stay at Seawall if you can possibly do so. It’s unique. 

Loop A has a few sites that have been closed this season and hopefully they will open next year. Site A-1 is hands down the closest to the ocean by just a bit…a very easy walk and a good level site medium size. I would vouch for sites A-4 ADA; A-18; A-20; A-28; A-33; A-36; A-37; A-38 which seem nicer and flatter than others. Sites 24 & 25 are configured for adjoining families or friends without being group sites. A-10 & A-12 are very small sites.  Firepits are generous in size.

In loop B the best sites are generally on the outer, not the inside of the ring. Firepits are also large in this loop.There is one bathroom without showers, but it has been rebuilt or remodeled. There is no soap or hand dryer but the main thing is that the bathroom is very clean and modern as well as easily accessible from al points in the loop. Some of the sites inside the roadbed are adjacent to standing water which surely is a mosquito hazard. It gets swampy on the inside of the ring during rains…B-2, B-4, B-6 might flood. Best sites in loop B are: B-1 highest in elevation;  B-8 excellent privacy; B-13; B-26 & B-27. Spacious sites B-8; B-26; B-27 have the most privacy. B-15 & B-16 are meant to work well for adjoining parties. Site 22 is well set into the woods. Sites B-5, B-4, B-6; B-24 are small - of these B-24 is the best. Site B-2 is not private at all.

Southwest Harbor and Bass Harbor are the closest villages. Don’t forget to scout out the view from the upper town dock on Clark Point Road on the way to Beal’s restaurant. Look for a narrow lane to the dock--- great harbor view there…of the working harbor.

The most reliable area wifi is in Southwest Harbor village behind the town’s library (near the village public restrooms which are badly maintained.) On any given afternoon one can find the vehicles of Seawall campers parked behind the library using the wifi…this continues into the night, at least in summer.

Seawall has no wifi reception at all and no shower facilities. Nor any soap dispensers in the bathrooms. 

What it does have is location, location, location--- steps from the ocean. It’s a stone beach as with so many in Maine, not a sand beach; but, there are plenty of picnic tables and endless tide pools to explore.

  • Campsite B-27 at Seawall Campground
  • Birch Harbor- Acadia NP
  • Boats in Southwest Harbor - Acadia NP
  • Evening fire at Seawall Campground
  • Campsite B-27 Seawall
  • Picnic on the Seawall- Acadia NP
  • Bass Harbor Lighthouse- Acadia NP
  • Bass Harbor Lighthouse- 1- Acadia NP
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  • Bass Harbor Lighthouse- 3 Acadia NP
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  • Wifi is available in the nearby village of Southwest Harbor at the library.
  • Bar Harbor lobster boat off Northeast Harbor
  • Egg Rock Lighthouse in Acadia NP waters
  • Working lobster boat in Acadia waters returning to port.
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  • Seawall Campground is located in a dense forest
  • Seawall Campground- Loop A- NPS map
  • Seawall Campground - Loop B - NPS map
  • Lobster just out of Acadia waters- ANP
  • Seven gulls on the seawall
  • Bass Harbor lobster buoys
  • Deer are abundant in the Seawall Campground
SiteB-27; A-1

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