Tiffany T.
Reviewed Jul. 5, 2020

Amazing Campground, Poor Management

Part 1, The Bad; The only reason I didn’t give Holly Bay the 5 stars it deserves is because of a reservation mixup due to an employee/host. Booked our double campsite (PRIME RATED, F5) 5 months in advance on June 15th. Due to the Covid pandemic, Holly Bay didn’t open until June 11th and most of the sites were walk-up only. Well someone decided to let a walk-up reserve our campsite from June 11-17th, two days into my reservation. We were upset but the older gentleman in the booth said it wasn’t their fault and was a reservation mix-up due to the reserving website ( They gave us another double site (G11) and free firewood, that we gracefully accepted, and were still pretty happy with. We are not picky campers at all. We didn’t cause a stink or anything. Two days into camping, the host from F comes and tells us that we HAVE to move back to our original site, that the people that had reserved the one we were on had called corporate and they have ALL RIGHTS to the campsite if it’s reserved in your name. We didn’t know this. No one told us this. So because we didn’t throw a big stink over it, we got screwed anyway. Sometimes being nice just isn’t worth it. 😠 So we packed up 2+ hours of setting up work and went to our other site to re-set up again. Then we came to find out that it wasn’t a mix-up on the website, but an employee had messed up and when he discovered the overlapping reservation, he didn’t want to ask the other campers to leave🤯 We were also told they had to report him to upper management so I hope he doesn’t do that to other people in the future.... The host from F was so nice though, and told is we could have more firewood and she would mail us a voucher for two free nights for future use. So know this, IF IT’S RESERVED IN YOUR NAME, YOU HAVE ALL RIGHTS TO THE CAMPSITE DURING YOUR RESERVATION WINDOW. Kick’em off. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Part 2, The Great; Other than that not so little mix-up, we still had a wonderful time. We hiked, swam, fished, and loved all the views. Arnold’s Grocery has great food and ice cream! Plenty of room between the sites, clean bathrooms, but no laundry facilities though. We will definitely be back again. A great campground far outweighs poor management, imo. Happy Camping!

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