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Most Recent Kaumakani Camping Reviews
Amazing views right from your tent!

We camped here off and on for a couple weeks.  We absolutely LOVED that we could camp as close to the ocean as we were able to, especially on such a beautiful bay.  This was also a wonderful bay to swim in.  Most of the cleared tent spaces also have a large picnic table nearby to use.  We were advised to pull our tent back for 1 night when the ocean levels were supposed to be extra high.  If you're friendly with the locals (who are friendly and pretty much live in the park) they may help you out with info and advice. The roosters were louder and started earlier here that any other place we stayed.  We loved them but others may find this annoying.  Showers were outdoors and semi-private.  We recommend having someone guard the entrance if you're at all worried about it.  We camped here at the end of December / beginning of January when the weather is extremely unpredictable.  It was QUITE an adventure to say the least - but we LOVE a Great adventure! Make sure your tent is VERY wind & water proof.  And know that if you do want the view right from your tent, you will have to carry your gear for a couple minutes since you can't drive right up to where you'll set up your tent.  

Make sure you get your camping permit well ahead of your trip!!!

Beautiful beach camping with car

Hey guys, from 07.02.2020 I have to hand over all camping equipment - tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow, cutlery and travel bag - in Kauai. Please contact us if you are interested. Have fun traveling. Best wishes Isabel

Primitive perfection

How can you complain about a campground in paradise?!

On the Na Pali Coast trail at the halfway point near Hanakoa Falls is a few primitive spots to call home before venturing on.  Warning: The ground is wet (duh, it's Kauai) and "locals" tend to squat in the area.  There's a 3-sided shelter to get out of the rain, but that happened to be where a kidding was more or less living.  He was sweet and watched out things while we hiked to the waterfall - although he could have easily stolen everything we had.  

The area feels so sacred and special that even if you may be miserable and wet, you can't help but feel at peace.

Tropical paradise with a killer rip tide

This is a GREAT campground with a beautiful beach that is tucked away.  It's way up the west side of the island but worth the trip to get away from the more touristy areas.  The sites were clean and clear and there was a nice amount of privacy.  The sites are right up to the beach but be careful because the rip tide can be killer!  It's one of the scariest experiences to get stuck out in the ocean and not have the capability of swimming to shore - it's just not possible.  Please be careful because there are no lifeguards out there and stop at a store before you drive out because it's pretty far from everything.  It's the farthest you can drive clockwise before you hit the N'Pali Coast.

Camping in a lost world

I have done the hike to this campsite 4 times in 4 years. Each year I anticipate going and each time I do it I find myself asking myself, "why am I putting myself through this torture?" Then I am rewarded with the my goal, The kalalau beach. Campsites are spread out with camping available anywhere in the treeline running the whole length of the nearly half mile long beach. The campsites are fare for being so remote but the real treasure here is in the beach. Sit for a sunset and you will understand. Be aware is an 11 mile hike in and an 11 mile hike out. Do your research and get your permits.

Get away from it ALL

LOVED a three day stay here camping on the sand and gazing out over the high bluffs to one of the best sunset views in all Hawaii. Rent a 4WD Jeep, take 80% of the air out of your tires and enjoy.

Local POV

This spot is a great spot next to a shower and restrooms. Little sketchy at first with abandoned cars everywhere and druggies rolling in late at night. Sometimes people play loud music at night. But most nights are pretty nice. A few people also camping makes me feel more safe. One night I saw another’s car next to mine gas cap off, so maybe it was siphoned. Wouldn’t always recommend for the solo tourist.

Western shore of Kauai

The showers are cold.

Glorious beach with mountains in view

rough Ocean current


The beauty here is unbelievable. Just breath taking. A must see!

Take a High-Altitude Break from the Beach

A beautiful, safe, clean campground, run by the State of Hawaii, that can't be beat.

This campground is nowhere near the beach, but brings you to the interior of the island. From here you can view the Kalalau Valley lookout and look out over Waimea Canyon, known as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Also you have access to hike the Alakai Swamp, which is one of the wettest places on Earth, or take a couple-mile hike up to the highest point on the island.

This campground offers indoor toilets and showers, a nice restaurant, and a gift shop.