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Reviewed Jun. 22, 2021

Difficult to find after dusk but awesome spot for 4WD cars

We came looking for this campsite past dark and after a half hour of driving on a gravel road we gave up searching and just parked on the side of the road for the night.

In the morning we went hunting for the campground and ended up finding at least 10 campsites scattered throughout the mountain and road. The coordinates posted weren’t very helpful so the best way to find this location is to put into the GPS the name of the nearby retreat center called “Ramah Darom”. Once you get to the entrance keep continuing up the mountain. The road will stop being paved and you’ll have a gravel road to continue on that leads you to numerous sites.

The sites arnt difficult to find in the daytime, just know there’s no signs or pointers to tell you which way to go.

I’ll post some pictures to help you find where some of the sites are.

The sites are primitive, with just fire rings but its definitely a cute spot to spend the night.

I don’t recommend RV’s.

  • This is where the first campsite is. It’s close to a creek.
  • this is roughly the pinpoint of a cooler campsite along a cliff.
  • the dirt road you’ll follow
  • if you take the middle road instead of the far right, it’ll lead you to this closed road
  • When you see this on the right, take the FAR RIGHT path down and it’ll take you to the site by the creek
  • cliff side campsite part 1
  • cliff side campsite part 2
  • a looking point off the cliff side campsite part 3
  • cliff side campsite part 4
  • creek side campsite part 1
  • path to the creek from the creek side camp site part 2
  • creek site part 3
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