Charles D.
Reviewed Aug. 12, 2021

Like Camping on your own isl.

Camping on Cumberland island for 8 days is an experience you will never forget. It rained every day while we were there and past clothing not drying it was still an amazing trip. Wild horses running on the beach is something to see. The ruins of an 1800s mansion built by a Carnagie that burned in 1959 is also one of those mysterious places that conjure emotions and kick the imagination in gear. Palm trees filling in the canopy of the largest stand of live oaks left in U.S. that all have spanish moss hanging in them like no movie production set designer could ever replicate make you feel like you time jumped to a jurassic age. Armadillo are scurrying around minding their own business dragging their noses through the sandy dirt eating ant trails and the only problem to deal with is Raccoons have learned how to unzip tents when they are unoccupied. Food will dissapear if you dont use the bear boxes each site has for food storage. Walking out on beach from tent every morning just to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean while crab boats chug along being part of the scenery as the sun rises, you are first and only person on an 18 mile long beach until around 10 a.m. 7 out of 8 mornings, which means you get first dibs on shells left for you by mother nature overnight. I recommend this camp to everyone. Mosquitos are not as bad as we were told.

  • Ferry to Cumberland
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  • walked gear to campsite.
  • make sure you take shade.
  • your mostly private island beach
  • camp site 1 set up with solar string light.
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  • all mine.
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  • Dungeoness ruins.
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  • not much signal on island. we actually played cards most evenings.bathroom has cold showers, filtered water filling station, and charging stations for devices. we have recharhable lighting and fans for tents.
  • ferry runs several fimes a day. sells firewood, bag ice, rents bicycles.
Sitecamp site 1. closest to bathroom and beach.

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