Fair Harbor RV Park
Erika P.
Reviewed Oct. 8, 2023

Beautiful location…. Not it’s residents though!

This was my 1st location as an RV owner. The staff was kind. Especially the female receptionist. She was very sweet when other people weren’t. But if you’re looking for a place where the residents try to get ti know you, greet you, or even so much as wave back then don’t count on it. It’s like they aren’t allowed to talk to you if you’re new. They just stared alot even when I tried to make conversation or would try to wave hello. Very weird. Creepy. Gave me the ick. The Goats are nicer than the people. Other than that, it’s a beautiful location. Wouldn’t recommend long term Though.

Also my cat went missing here. Pretty sure someone lifted him…. So watch your pets closely if you have one here.

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  • Review photo of Fair Harbor RV Park by Erika P., October 8, 2023