Sherri A.
Reviewed Jul. 5, 2021

Nice amenities but not so good on customer service and satisfaction

 I would not say I am not going to stay here again because I really enjoyed the Lazy River and the pool bar. The amenities were great. However, there were several disappointments. First off, I emailed the resort to get some needed information for our trip. Someone did respond to my first email but gave me incorrect information. I emailed again three more times and never got a response. I ended up calling and the guy I spoke to said he would email me the information, which he never did. Upon arrival to our site, we found about 1/2 our site to be a muddy mess. See photo attached. They should have gravel, grass or better drainage. Then, you have to have a gate pass to reenter the park after 8:00 which is fine. However, the first night when we returned our gate pass would not work. I called the number on the pass for after hour help and that extension was an invalid extension. So we had to just wait until someone was coming out for the gate to open so we could get back in. The next morning I went to the office and was advised they had an issue with a lot of the gate passes and gave me another one. I told the lady of the issue with the after hours help number and she did not seem concerned about that matter at all. The last of the disappointments was with the kayaks. They advertise that you can kayak in the lake and we hauled our kayaks all the way there to do so. However, when we rode down to the lake, we could not find a place to put them in. So with all that being said, I have mixed reviews about the resort. Great amenities but not such a great first experience there.

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