GThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Nov. 7, 2020

Beautiful, secluded, and free (with reservation)

You make a free reservation and receive the gate code to get in. We had a wonderful time and ran into very few people. Pretty much the only thing we heard were airboats. We will definitely go back! Lots and lots of books though make sure you use protection.

GPS had a hard time getting there so I am going to include directions it's super easy.. not so much if you follow Google though! Google will try to have you going through roads that don't go through.

There is a circle k on highway 41, the street light right there is Eden if you follow that street it turns into moccasin slough. Go all the way till you run out of concrete.. then keep going straight down the dirt road it is very dusty keep it slow. Approximately 10 minutes from circle k to the gate.. all on the same road. I guess Google does not believe that road goes through but it does.

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