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Reviewed Aug. 4, 2021

Enchanting Summertime Solitude

When I planned my trip to the Smokies, I left the last few days open, so I could decide at a later time what kinda ✨vibe✨ I was feeling.

Would I want to travel through more of Tennessee and down through central Georgia, skipping North and South Carolinas entirely? Maybe spend some time in Asheville? Backtrack the same way I came? Wholly free spirited and wondrously stupid, given the holiday weekend.

But I learned on the way out that it takes about six and a half hours to drive from Miami to the state border on the most direct route, I-95, which is also the dullest route, so I wanted to break up that stretch on my way home. By the time I began planning my return leg of the trip, every campground within an hour of 95 was booked.

Then I can across Princess Place Preserve and it appeared to mainly be an equestrian campground from what I read, but I called them anyway. I don’t know any horse people, but they can’t be that bad, right? And luckily there were several sites still available, so I snagged one.

Well, this is not all what I expected and I haven’t seen a single horse or horse person since I’ve been here, but this place might be my ✨favorite campground of all time.✨ There are only 13 camp sites in the entire park and they are all spread out. The park doesn’t seem like it gets busy in general, but it closes to the public at 6 pm, so that means you basically have the next three hours of daylight to roam the entire place by yourself! And there’s ✨so much to roam!!✨There are so many trails and winding, sandy roadways to bike or hike that I squeezed every last ounce of sunlight out of the day. The peace and serenity that Princess Place provided was the perfect ending to this road trip.

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