Caitlin H.
Reviewed Jun. 22, 2021

Great for little campers and families

I grew up coming here as a child it’s been 15 ish years since I’ve been back and it’s still just as beautiful. I now have children 12, 6, and 7 years old. This is the first time they have been “real camping” having the water and power at each site makes it so much better. Also having the bathrooms within a short distance is a total plus with little ones who are un-easy about going in the bushes or a bucket. 🤪 We stayed in Hickory loop it was perfect. Close enough to the springs that my older child and her friends could walk back and forth alone without me worrying they would be lost but far enough away that you are not next to all the day picnicking or noise that might come from kids playing in the spring. My only complaint is the campsite we chose did not have a definitive area around it there was some lower short grass and we put our tent towards the back and a Ranger came and asked us to get it out of the grass area. Before our trip I did see someone mentioned this in a review somewhere so I specifically was trying to make sure it was not in a “no camping zone” To me it wasn’t where we shouldn’t be (the grass was small random low patches scattered randomly, we stayed out of the tall overgrown grass that was obviously not where anyone needed to be. Other sites I noticed had big logs or definitive packed dirt areas with more than enough space that it was obviously not questionable where to put a tent. so just make sure you’re not on any grass or else you have to unpack and move all your things twice :(

I did run to Walmart and grabbed two $20 basic fans it helped SO SO SO MUCH. Idk why I didn’t think of it before but it was worth the cost. I was able to put them back in the box and they will go home and be stored away with the camping things till next time.

It rained almost the whole time we were there but only storms at night that were not bad to me just basic Florida afternoon thunderstorms. As long as it wasn’t thundering and lightning the kids and I were out adventuring and swimming in the rain. The only thing that has changed that I remember is they no longer have the big rope swing and you are no longer allowed to go to the sandy beach area on the opposite side since the state has taken over they have adjusted things to make it safer obviously for insurance purposes in my opinion that’s probably why. A ranger said they changed a lot when the state took over. It’s still great tho! To be honest I’ve barely used any bug spray there was almost no mosquitoes which was mind-boggling to me being a Floridian I wasn’t being eaten alive so they must do some spray control. All in all it’s camping it’s hot bring bug spray coolers and ice and you will be all set!

  • deer are all over it was so nice to see them just hanging out
  • power and water hook ups
  • available plugs. we had lights on the table tent fans phone chargers and a portable AC unit with no issues at all.
  • far end of the boardwalk looking up towards the spring
  • bathroom area
  • site 67

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