KThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jun. 28, 2021

WOW just WOW

Stayed here 1 night with the backcountry permit through to see the stars and stay the night in the dunes. The hike in over the dune to a camp site with all your gear is frankly not easy, but it's short distance so it's manageable. Climbing in the sand is challenging with the extra weight of the pack and if the wind picks up you get whipped with sand BUT it is 100% worth it. We hiked in around 5/5:30pm at the end of the heat and were set up eating dinner around 8pm. Took a lot of breaks hiking in and went through a lot of water. In total we brought about a gallon of water each, and by the time we hiked out the next morning we were down to the last couple of ounces. Just the tent, no rain fly and using our sleeping bags as quilts was perfect in June. Even if you don't camp out the dunes are open for star gazing, and I highly recommend that. I tried hiking in both sneakers and just socks. Just socks was much better keeping your feet light and reducing cramping. Note: bugs come out at dusk so be ready with lots of spray and cover your limbs and bring good sunblock, you will get toasted.


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