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Reviewed Jul. 9, 2021

Heavenly Getaway

Summary: This campground blew my expectations away! My brother and I camped here at the end of May 2021 and we had a blast. I expected it to be a place to just sleep after exploring nearby areas, boy was I wrong! It's a place to enjoy and epic view, chill with the local MOST KIND dogs that walk up to you and protect you during the night, gaze at the ethereal starry sky, and so much more.

Long Details:

Upon arriving to the location, the area was very vast a flat (literally could see down the road for miles in a straight line), at some point you turn off the main road and enter a gravel/dirt road for a few miles. There are signs that point to the camp so just follow those, I recommend to get there before sunset so you can see. There are many spots to park and set up camp. The amenities blew me away as I expected to have nothing. There was a porta pottie that LIGHTS UP AT NIGHT (GENIUS), a trash bin next to it, the campsites have fire pits and hay bales to sit at. Once we exited the car, we were greeted by the most angelic doggos with the THICKEST coat of fur I have ever seen. They were the real deal as they protected the campsite all night if an animal were to approach us (wild!). There is a salt flat (I think) nearby that we walked to and took incredible pictures of the mountains and its reflections. We had another campsite nearby and they were friendly people. We had a fire, ate food, and relaxed to the max. The sunset was gorgeous and once the night hit, thousands of stars lit up the night sky and it felt surreal, almost as if they were raining down on us. We played music, had a friend meet us and just had an amazing time. I recommend this place 100%, I had doubts that it wouldn't be that much but boy I was wrong. Also, it is right next to the Great Sand Dunes and Zapala Falls which both were AMAZING. If you see this review, check this place out if you are nearby or if it fits in your itenuary.

Oh... and I had reception and 4g!

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