Ellen G.
Reviewed Aug. 4, 2021

stunning views

We loved the privacy of the sites and the beauty of the area. The campground sits near the top of a mountain and offers stunning views of the valley below.  We woke up above the clouds in the morning! We did however experience a bizarre and traumatizing evening that I should mention... the camp host is a strange man and he had strange friends staying in the site near us. They were blasting music, shouting obscenities at the top of their lungs, and cursing demons for a "radio show" they were "broadcasting." Pretty sure they were not in their right minds. Still I wasn't worried about them at this point (this was before I knew they were friends of the host) and simply went to the camp host to ask him to have these "campers" turn down the volume. He seemed highly annoyed with me, but said he knew them and that he would handle it. He drove out to their site and they did turn the music down, but apparently the host alerted them to the fact that I was the one who had complained.  Because as soon as the host drove off this one man in the group approached our campsite and started yelling threats toward me -- about how he was going to kill me, how I should enjoy my last few breaths, how he was going to "take out" my dog, my daughter, and then me. I can't express how terrifying this felt. My daughter began crying. I began ushering us into the car to drive to safety when two other campers who had overheard the threats came to our aid. One ran to the camp host, but he only yelled at her to stop telling him how to do his job, and slammed the trailer door in her face. We called dispatch. When the host learned that county sheriffs were on the way, he suddenly became friendly and helpful. Long story short, we negotiated for the belligerent campers to be escorted off the mountain and we had a peaceful rest of our stay (although I did not sleep that night). As for camping here? It's gorgeous, but we won't be back as long as this particular camp host remains.

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