Noah E.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Aug. 23, 2021

Busy but beautiful

Arrived around 2 on a Saturday in the middle of August without reservations.. The camp takes reservations and there's a lady that comes around regularly to check registration/ enforce check out time. I saw a nice site with the wood log shade cover and was gonna take it but apparently this other family had "claimed" it with a half a tent laid out across the pad. I think the camp manager ought to put clear instructions that one needs to attach the detachable part of the camp registration to the numbered post that they claim for first come first serve. The numbered posts at each site do have a reservation list but are marked with future reserved dates. I wasn't in the mood to cause much friction with that family tho. Plus the site was a better fit for the 9 people plus their dogs. My son and I settled for the smaller space next to them. They were quite generous tho and brought us some thicc steaks around dinner time. We were also visited by some wildlife. A deer walked up to our site when we were making smores and we saw a snake slither in the bricks of our fire pit. Bathrooms were very clean. Nice trails nearby. There's some history behind it and I can definitely feel and appreciate that it was built with outdoor recreation in mind. Besides the close proximity with other campers, the scenery and weather was perfect for an overnight trip.

  • the set up
  • our "deer" friend
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  • squirrel creek trail
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