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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2021

Annual Family Camping Adventure

My husband and I have been camping at Oak Bottom campgrounds for the last 30 years and he has been camping here with his family since he was a kid himself. It has been the highlight of our year for decades! It takes a year in advance to book a shoreline site. The best site is SC14 because it has its own beach entry cove to the lake and it is large and shady. The next best sites are C22 and C21 (in that order) as they are large and flat and closest to the public beach for water access. We are a large group and block out a whole section every year for two weeks in weeks of July to the first couple days of August. Temps are usually in the 100s-110s. Don’t go in June as it normally rains. July and August are the VERY BEST but good luck getting a site. Weekdays are probably the best. Always check in mid week and early morning when the campsites are always empty and it’s not super hot because weekends are crazy and you are not camping next to your cars. It’s a haul to bring your stuff to your campsite but worth it once there! There are so many different hikes and kayak adventures to go on which end up in beautiful waterfalls. We still have not been bored after 30 years of finding places to go or do! Before you arrive sign up for the free kayak tours and paddle board programs. The kids also have free JR. Ranger and JR. Firefighter Programs to earn patches and there are free evening family movie nights too. All three of my kids earned their patches growing up here and they have been coming here since they were born and are now 12, 17, and 19 years old! We have yet to find another campsite that is comparable to Whiskeytown! So far, no where else has ever topped it!

  • Public Beach Area
  • leftside of SC14 campsite from lake viewpoint
  • whiskeytown falls
  • rightside of SC14 campsite from lake viewpoint
  • kayaking around Lake whiskeytown after Carr Fire
  • Crystal Falls video
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  • Public Beach
  • kayaking the clear blue waters of lake Whiskeytown
  • Crystal Falls
  • Oakbottom Campground Map
SiteSC14, SC15, C21, C22, C6, C8, C9

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