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Reviewed Jul. 9, 2021

Packed Parking Lot RV Space

Reserved 2 days at Lake Perris SRA looking forward to a relaxing RV experience.  RV site 293 stated E/W/S... The sewer was not at the site.  When we made the ascent into Lake Perris, the view of the lake was beautiful.  I was relieved because i wasn't sure what to expect.  As we veered away from the lake and to the RV camp area, we had to wait in a long line to enter which I expected.  The young check-in staff seemed a bit overwhelmed but they were courteous.  Once checked in, we started to realize that the "RV spots" were parking lot stalls!  I have never been to an RV park where the spot was LITERALLY a parking spot.  I was shocked.  

I was able to BARELY back in (I have A 20' Travel trailer) and there were cars parked everywhere and trailers parked VERY close to each other.  There were HUGE tranvel trailers parked not just in the parking stall but up and over the stall because of the size of their trailer.

Reluctantly, we set up the water and electric... and unhooked as we were there for a softball tournament.  When we returned at 8pm, there were MANY adults and children.

Everyone was loud with music and talking until 2am!  Sigh!  There were NO staff in site to enforce quiet hours.  It was a friday night so I was not going to be unreasonable but 2am was WAY too late.  There were people sleeping in open vans.  

I do understand that this was a June-Summer weekend but EVERYTHING about this site was NOT what i was expecting.

The next morning, we packed up and asked for a refund.  I told them that this was the worst RV location that I have ever been.  The young lady did not question my experience and refunded my money for the second night.

I booked a night at the Golden Village Palms RV resort in Hemet.  Fortunately, they had availability and the entire experience and RV space was perfect.

If you want a party-party all night atmosphere with adults and children running around and in a parking lot, this location is for you.  It definitely wasn't for us!

  • our literal parking lot RV space.  Had to park our truck in front of our trailer because there was no room elsewhere...
  • one on top over the other and then some.

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