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Camp 4 Yosemite features 36 shared walk-in sites for tents only (sleeping in vehicles is not allowed)

Parking is available adjacent to the campground (it's a very short walk to the campsites). A parking permit is required from spring through fall. You will receive a free parking permit upon registering.

Each campsite contains a fire pit (no grill), picnic table, and four shared food lockers [35"(D)x43"(W)x28"(H)], and is near a bathroom with drinking water and flushing toilets., and is near a bathroom with drinking water and flushing toilets.

Reservation Info
There is a 30-night camping limit within Yosemite National Park in a calendar year; however, May 1 - September 15, the camping limit in Yosemite is 14 nights, and only seven of those nights can be in Yosemite Valley or Wawona.
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Max Length: 25 ft.
Camp 4 is located in California
37.7414 N
-119.6034 W
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29 Reviews of Camp 4
Unplanned Stay at Camp 4

So I want on a week long backpacking trip in June of 2017, right in the height of the heat wave in California. I spent a couple days in San Francisco before my trip, and unfortunately was naive in thinking my naturally tan self did not need sunscreen (I am from Indiana, and the sun is not nearly as close.) Anyways, I ended up with a second degree sunburn and severe heat exhaustion/stoke/whatever. I was so nauseous I was struggling to eat enough to sustain myself. After two nights in the backcountry and one night in the backpackers' camp, I had to accept I could not continue to solo backpack in my condition.

Camp 4 is first come, first serve. And I did not wake up early to get a campsite, completely unaware that the line gets incredibly long in the middle of the night. I was so very fortunate that I was the only solo camper, and received literally the last spot in the campground. So although I had no troubles getting a spot, I surpassed over 20+ people that morning who had been in line all night. My recommendations would be to get there very very early and plan to camp out in the line, especially if you have a larger group. Also, I would recommend going in the middle of the week, since more people are apt to be there on the weekends.

The campground itself was basic and sufficient. Each site holds 6 (or maybe it's 8 people, I forget) regardless of whether you know them or not. This was actually a benefit to my solo self, because I had people to talk to and I made some cool friendships. I had absolutely no issues with people messing with my stuff, even when I would leave it as I went on day hikes, of course never leave your valuables unattended just as a rule of thumb. The bathrooms were as you would suspect in a campground, not always the cleanest but definitely better than an outhouse! I did see housekeeping every day too. The water available was cold and refreshing and the shuttle stop was literally right across the street. The showers were a decent drive across the park, but again even without a car, the shuttle system is so easy to get everywhere and anywhere around the Valley.

This campground was definitely more than sufficient than my unexpected need. Although I would recommend trying to get a reservation at another campground if you are planning far enough ahead of time, that is purely because of the difficulty to get a site. It was a pleasant experience, and helped me recover and relax from my illness. The only thing I wish is that I had felt good enough to try bouldering on the boulders literally right beside the bathrooms, like much of the other climbers staying within the campground.

Camp 4

My boyfriend and I stayed at Camp 4 last June (2016) and it was worth it. We arrived at the campsite at 3:30AM and there was already 23 people sleeping in line. The ranger arrived at the kiosk at 8:30AM and we were lucky enough to get a campsite. We were able to start setting up camp at noon. Camp 4 is an awesome campsite because it's at the center of everything in the valley. There are restrooms, but no showers. I recommend this campsite!

Cheap, close to trails and climbs

Camp 4 is great if you want somewhere to lay your head on the cheap. It is right in the valley, so it is close to a lot of hikes and climbs! Its only $4 per person, up to 6 people per site. Everyone in your site shares the bench and firepit. My only complaint is that you get there as early as possible in hopes that you can get a spot for the night, Wait in line the whole morning and you may or may not get it. We were fortunate enough to get a spot, but I felt bad for those who spent their whole morning hoping to get in and wasting some good exploring hours!

I recommend getting there very early (7am should be fine depending on the day) setting up chairs in line, have your coffee and a book. Have fun and enjoy the views while you wait :)

What an AMAZING place to stay in the park!

Great place if your heading for a day of climbing. These are walk-in sites for tents only and are on a per person basis ( It fills up really fast ) parking is available adjacent to the campground, you will need a parking permit. It is close to the general store and showers.

Each campsite contains a fire pit (no grill), picnic table, and four shared food lockers and is near a bathroom with drinking water and flushing toilets.


Anything is amazing in Yosemite

If this were anywhere else I would have given it 3 stars, but it's in Yosemite, nestled at the base of Yosemite falls trail and that is a major win.

First off, this is a walk up site and thank god they have them in Yosemite because their campgrounds fill up immediately and I can never plan my trips that far in advance, but that means getting up early and waiting in line to ensure you have a spot. However, we got to Yosemite in the afternoon because we drove in from out of town, and the signs outside the entrance said all campgrounds were full including camp 4. We decided to head in and hike upper Yosemite falls and then figure out our camping situation later. On a whim, we stopped to talk to the ranger at camp 4 and she said a couple had just checked out early so there was an opening for two. We practically kissed her we were so excited.

Camp 4 is pretty small so you don't get any privacy. 6 people are assigned to an area to share a table and fire pit (when allowed). Everyone is so nice and the atmosphere is incredible…until you want to go to bed. We knew we would be getting up early to hike so we wanted to sleep early but the party that is camp 4 continued until around midnight.

Other than that, I have no complaints with camp 4. I was very grateful to have a place to camp in the valley and the price is great. Maybe bring some ear plugs if you don't plan on staying up late with everyone. I would definitely stay there again, but I would recommend getting there early on your first day because people start lining up in the wee hours of the morning to try for a spot. Also it was nice to have somewhere to park in the valley as parking can be challenging. Another thing to note is they do not allow you to sleep in your vehicle in the lot.

Great place to camp under the stars

Our visit was great!! We came in late at night with 1 spot left. We camped in a tent and in the bed of our truck. We went in June which was a little chilly at night but sleeping under the open starts was to die for. The sites were clean and had plenty of space between them. Most of the people camping alongside were likeminded people (not everyone camps in tents and those who do just 'know' how to enjoy their surrounding). The campsite had bear proof bins at each site to hide your food etc. our dogs were welcome and kids were entertained with nature. Tenaya Lake wasn't far away which was the best part of the whole trip. Only con is it's usually really hard to get a campsite in Yosemite in general. We have tried before and ended up having to leave the park late at night as there was nowhere to camp. We lucked up this time!

Long line

We got there at 6;00 in the morning and there was already a line. Campers were lined up outside with their chairs and blankets. The rangers come out around 8:30 and hand out numbers. At the morning time campers are really friendly and my neighbors made me pancakes. The site is really cheap at 6 dollars because of the amount of campers around you. They can get noisy and may get annoying. Every site there has a bear locker and it is MANDATORY that you put your food in there. There is bears around. There is pretty clean flush toilets and there is the usual picnic table. I went on a day hike to Nevada Falls because it was a simple trail at 6 miles. During the evening the air is filled with smoke from the fire. I recommend bringing your own firewood because most of the wood is all collected by other campers. At night you cant sleep because of the brightness. The stars are really pretty.

Great stay - if you can get in.

Stayed here 2x so far. First time was before the summer season, so it was easy to get a spot. Second time we had to wait in line of at least 40 people. Line starts early, so show up with your coffee, a chair and a book (and your ID and cash!). You will have stupid neighbors who try to feed the squirrels, but at $6 a night per person in the Valley, you can't beat it. Free showers at the pool at Curry Village if you bring your own towel. No issues with bears either time I was there.

First to Review
Yosemite Camp 4 was AWESOME

This campground was awesome. We went in the middle of summer without reservations and we were able to get a tent site. This camp site is at the head of the Upper Falls trail so you can get an early start and see some great sunrise scenes. Plenty of toilets and water sources at the camp site, just bring your filter.

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