Marcy M.
Reviewed Jun. 22, 2021

Camping at the Beach

We enjoy beach camping in San Diego County. We’ve camped at San Onofre and San Elijo many times over the years. This was our first stay at San Clemente. The camp site was pretty clean. It didn’t take much to clear a spot for our 4 man. We were opposite a bathroom with showers and the camp host. Just lucked out. It’s so hard to get spots now days i barely look at that stuff, I just book it. It’s a large camp ground but facilities are always within a reasonable walking distance. Lots of paved paths for kids to skateboard and ride bikes. The camp ground is in a residential area but is near the freeway so you’re not really “transported” when you’re camping here. You will also likely hear the trains as they run along the coast here, although I didn’t hear them at 4am like I do at San Onofre. Maybe train schedules have changed. It’s a steep hike or lengthy set of stairs to get down to the beach, the camp ground is on the bluffs. The beach is beautiful. If you have surf boards, SUPs or Boogey Boards bring them. The whole point should be to get in the water. I like the fact that tent camping and full RVs are separated here. I’m weird like that. I like a little village of tents. You’re close enough to town that if you want to do some miles you can walk in. I think you can walk the beach to the pier when the tide is right. The staff was friendly. Our camp host was great! He even brought us some fresh lavash bread from town one night. The bathrooms were clean most of the time and well stocked. The only thing I would call out here is this is a draw for young surf nomads, most of which are a fun group and interesting to chat with. Some are rowdy and pretty rude. You want to be prepared, you may have to keep track of your littles to avoid them getting hit by guys on skateboard with longboards in hand. We saw a few narrow misses. And my least favorite part, the loud drunk partying at midnight, 2am and 4am. Quiet hours are not well enforced here. All in all we like it here and will come back for short stays.


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