Mineral Bar Campground
Drew M.
Reviewed Aug. 10, 2020

Beautiful place

First come first serve campsites, i went for a solo camp trip and loved it. I came in on a Thursday afternoon and snagged campsite #5. (Useful tip, BRING A PEN AND EXACT CASH) Upon arrival, scope out the place and and claim your spot by filling out the envelope with your name and vehicle information and how many days your plan on staying. Place the cash ($28 a night) in the envelope and put it in the post that’s on the parking entrance. Depending on what time you arrive, rangers will issue you a pass on your campsite post the day of or the day after.

No showers or running water....there are only toilets available. Bring your own water to drink, wash dishes and pans, or wash yourselves. The nearest store is about 2 miles back to the main road if you need to re-up on anything.

Overall, the campsite area is nice, it’s close proximity to the river, depending on which site you chose, sites 1-6 offer little shade to none, the rest of the sites offer a good amount of shade. and your neighbors are kinda close. The river is extremely clean and clear with good temperature. The rangers are there everyday (I think). Very friendly folks. It can get pretty busy during the weekend with a lot of folks coming in for day-use. I love the campsite and will be back in the future. Just stay prepared and ready.

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