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Big Springs, ARIZONA
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Quiet and Beautiful

This campground is quiet and out of the way from nearby Zion National Park. This is a great place to stay if the campgrounds near Zion are booked or you want to avoid the crowd, as long as you don't mind the 45 minute drive if you are going to Zion before or after staying here. The ground is mostly sand, except for the paved parking and driving areas. There are plenty of trees for shade, and a picnic table and fire ring are provided. Modern restrooms and showers are provided, but they are not the cleanest, though they are acceptable for a smaller campground in a secluded state park.

The real beauty of this campground is the nearby sand dunes. A short walk from the campground is the pedestrian entrance to the the Coral Pink sand dunes, which seem to go on for miles. There is a small shelter with informational plaques, and a path to where you can walk down to the dunes. Be careful though, because the dunes are very popular with dune buggy and off-road enthusiasts.

South rim Grand Canyon trip

Really close campsite to the Grand Canyon. Nice clean restrooms. We went in November so it was cold(low 10’s and only up to mid 20’s during day! So be prepared. Sites had table and fire pit. And easy access roads to sides

Close but crowded

A large campground in the middle of the park. Pine loop is generator free so it was quieter than the rest. There are no quick walks to the rim from the camp but there is a bus system that can take you there. November was a quieter time but still fairly busy.

Can't get a Grand Canyon Permit, try the Kaibab National Forest

Sometimes getting a permit into the Grand Canyon is impossible. I have applied and been turned down. But don't be discouraged. There are some awesome trails and campsites in the Kaibab National Forest. Crazy Jug is probably the most famous but if you have all wheel drive or an off road Bike, you can get almost any where in the forest for a great adventure.

make sure you have a road map. There are hundreds of back roads that act as a maze so don't get lost :)

Great for larger RV’s

This is a great campground in the Grand Canyon National Park it is close to the village, you can bike and hike fom this location. There is also a bus stop at the entrance to this campground that will take you all around the canyon to see all of the sites. All of the spots are pull through and have water electricity sewer and cable. The cell service is ok depending on where you are at. There are a lot of people from other countries that stay at this campground so you meet a lot of nice people. The campground is very close to the rim and many amenities. There is also elk that will come through and graze. We stayed for seven days in August during the rainy season very pleasant.

Quiet, Close to Zion

This is BLM land so its free, and no amenities. Pack it in and pack it out. You drive down a gravel road into a ravine. There's a large gravel lot to the left and a bit of a half loop near a river on the right a little further down the road. There is shade here from plenty of trees. Continuing on the road, there are horse corrals on the left and beyond that, a large group site. There were lots of scout tents up there. Beyond this, the road turns sandy and hard to navigate unless you have a 4x4. We turned around here and stayed at the first lot we found. There was a big RV already there and a passenger car. Plenty of space for the three of us and maybe 2 more. Being into the ravine made it a quiet night but a very cold morning. No shade here. This BLM area is close to the east side of Zion and Mt Carmel town. Good restaurant in Mt Carmel.

One of my all time favorites

Lees Ferry Campground 54 designated sites. No hookups. RV dump station. Grills provided, no open fires. Quiet time 10 pm-6 am. Modern bathroom/comfort station. Potable water available. Launch ramp within 2 miles. Gas and supply store at Marble Canyon, about 5 miles away. No reservations. $20 per site per night.

Spend your days fishing, boating, or rafting, and spend your nights camping at Lee's Ferry Campground on the banks of the Colorado River.

Great spot for a quick overnight.

Good spot for those who plan on hiking “the wave”, buckskin gulch, or wire pass.

Clean and simple

We stayed at this campground for two nights in September. Checking in was easy, informative and we also got a detailed map of the campground. Bathroom and drinking water is close by and every bathroom has an outdoor sink for washing dishes and animal proof trash cans. Campsites are nice, clean and big, every one of them has a picnic table and designated campfire. There is a campsite host on site 24/7. We had a nice, quet stay at this campground, and if you're lucky you'll see deer/elk early in the morning around your tent eating breakfast :)

Cozy, close to everything

This is a great place to camp on the south rim! Walk to Navajo point snack bar/camp store and watchtower! Tent camp sites have shade and a picnic table. Go catch sunset at the tower! But get there before 6! Very quiet campground off tourist path just far enough out of high traffic areas. Highly recommend!

Very nice and plenty of space

This campground is a great place to stay for cheap if you want to camp out near the Grand Canyon. It was only 20ish minutes from the canyon and it was a great place to camp out with a few friends.

Buckskin Gulch slot canyon trailhead

Lots of canyoneers here, sites were overflowing with big groups. No shade at all, but most people spend their day in the canyon. Picnic tables be and pit toilets are the only amenities. It is a beautiful place, but a little crowded for me. I found a lovely spot back to the north on the banks of the Paria. Great night sky view. Vermillion Cliffs and GSENM right there as well as Lake Powell. Tons to do in this area!

Last minute cancellation got us into the park RV spot.

Book ahead of time..maybe months before you go.

Mather Grand Canyon sept 2018

Grand Canyon is a professional setup. They know how to do things, while this is the most popular park in the US, they are very organized. Yes, we had to make reservations and we were camping in a tent 3 nights and had to change campsites each night. Plenty of bathrooms with running water/flush toilets, showers are in a central location close to the check in site, and showers were $2.00 for 8 minutes. Shuttles arrive frequently to take you where you need to go, or the marketplace is a short walk. We got our water refilled at the marketplace for free. Mather is a tent campground, RVs are at a separate site.

Camping in the Ponderosa’s

clean campground but can be noisey

Crowded but worth it

This hike is on most peoples bucket list and for good reason. The falls and surrounding areas are incredible. The big thing to note about Havasu falls and the campground are they do not ever accept walk ins. You must book ahead of time! Reservations open on February 1st and sell out that same day. New this year, you can use their online booking site to secure a spot. It is both stressful and exciting. Once you have a spot secured you can begin dreaming about the blue waters.

The hike into the campground is 10 miles each way. Not so much difficult but hot and crowded. I would recommended leaving very early in the morning. The hike to the village is 9 miles where you will check in and then continue an extra mile to the campground. Once to the spots, the campground itself spans about 1 mile. Selecting a good spot is key, there are shaded spots as well as spots that are entirely in the sun (Temps get into the 100's in the summer). There are no designated spots but you will see open areas with picnic tables, that will let you know. You will end up camping on top of people in most spots as well. They allow 300 permits per day down there. *Note there are no fires allowed ever in this campground.

If you decide to stay at the end of the grounds you will be close to Mooney falls but will have to walk an extra 2 miles a day to get to Havasu falls and back plus add an extra mile to your hike out. The upside to staying at the ends of the grounds are less people so it is quieter. There is a natural water spring where you can collect water (some filter this, we did not and felt great!), it is located towards the beginning of the campground. Restrooms are are the beginning and the end, so think about that when picking a spot. Close is easy to access but you may smell it sometime. Also they run out of TP often, bring some.

Overall, amazing area and hike. The crowds never seemed to crazy. If you really need you can take a helicopter out from the village to the parking lot and also have pack mules bring your bags out (The latter is not recommended as the mules seem exhausted and overworked, they haul bags all day everyday)

Hard to Get reservations, But Worth it!!!

My wife and I took a week long road trip through Arizona, we made no plans and no reservations. Little did we know after reaching the North Rim Campground, we would find that the camp sights are books 6+ months ahead of time. The park ranger told us about the dispersed camping many mile away, as we were getting ready to leave line, a couple walks up and explained they had reserved a corner spot which contained 2 spots, because it was the only one available that weekend. they offered the unused sight to us!!!!!

We took the offer and were Blown away by the beauty that surrounded our site, we were far from others even quite far from our helpful hosts, the hiking is stunning and the lodge there makes some great food as well as a great place to buy some souvenirs.


Fire-ring, BBQ, Water nearby, AMAZING SPACE, plenty of tree coverage from the sun, close to hiking, and within a short drive to the best sunsets Arizona has to offer

We HIGHLY recommend catching the sunset at Angel Peak!!!! but watch out for the altitude change, its quite high at 8297 feet. Our hometown is at 2800 and the hiking got the best of me…

Vast Views

A little on the pricy side of campgrounds, but well worth it. Shuttle service running to the Grand Canyon from the campground is great and location could not be better. Great modern facilities.

not bad

it’s not close to much, but there is some running water you can cool off in and refill water. just make sure you filter it. when we were there they didn’t have running water to just fill up from. very hot on the way to this camp site as there is not much cover on the trail.

great camp site

it’s right next to the river so it’s easy go take a dip and cool off. running water in front of the store and the store serves beer and food. can’t beat that when hiking for days.


Great hosts

Nice campground close to rim

Decent campground, I stayed here before hiking to Bright Angel Campground the next day.

It is a very large campground but the sites are well spaced. Very close to the canyon, great place to stay regardless of your plans at the park.

Awesome Location

It takes some work to get here (aka hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon) but it is worth it! Nice campground, sites are a little small but they have a picnic table, food box and a place to hang your pack/boots. It also had running water and a bathroom with full plumbing.

Great place to stay and well worth the effort to get there!

Havasupai Campground

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done!!! The campground is located near Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls and absolutely worth the $140 per night fee. You will have to book at least 6 months ahead of time! Worth the wait and the 12 miles hike in.

Beautiful campground at the Grand Canyon

Very beautiful campground on the north rim. Plenty of shops and trails to hit while you're here. Great views of the canyon. I believe they are only open during the spring to summer months. Only 10 percent of the annual Grand canyon visitors go to the north rim. Beautiful visitor center with very helpful park rangers. They're are quite a few trails that take you to different view points of the canyon which I will attach. If you choose to camp here ensure you reserve a spot a few months out as they usually fill up quickly. I made a reservation about 7 months in advance.

Must See but little Shade

Fantastic campground if you’re on your way to Grand Canyon, Antelope, or Southern Utah.

This campground sits on a hill overlooking the majestic Colorado River. Lee’s Ferry is the primary take-off Point for rafting the mighty Colorado.

This is a typical fee campground, yet can be quite popular so Rangers frequent the area often. Camp grounds and decently spaced, and come with grill, picnic table, and a little Ramada. BEWARE, Ramada and camp ground area offer MINIMAL shade, so bring an extra tarp or shade set up.

About a quarter mile hike from the camp ground is a beautiful beach area, with sand and all. It is the Colorado, so know the water temp stays low and cold even when it’s 115 degrees out! Swimming is an absolute, but other caution is force of the water, so watch the little ones!

There are also endless hikes in the surrounding slot canyons. Lee’s Ferry is very dog and kid friendly, but keep your pup on leash as those Park Rangers are always out (yes I felt need for second warning)

I have always encountered extra friendly campers here, and there are pit toilets.

Oasis on our hike

We stayed here on our way back out of the canyon as an overnight between Bright Angel and the rim. I'm glad we broke the hike out up into 2 days. It gave us the opportunity and energy to check out more things and see the overlook that is nearby.

The campsites each have tent spots and covered picnic tables. There are pit toilets and running water available. The ranger was friendly and chatted with us for a bit. The sites also provide ammo cases to store your food from critters.

The garden has many beautiful plants and we saw deer from our site. It's worth the stop over.

Packed! But worth it!

We stayed here after a day of hiking down from the rim. Be sure to have your permit! We can in February because that was the easiest month to get a permit.

The sites are close together, but each one has a rack to hang your packs from, ammo cases to store your food away from ground squirrels, and a picnic table. The squirrels are serious business here. There was a crew cutting back trees the in the morning and we watched a squirrel chow down on one of the worker's breakfast.

The campsites have bathrooms WITH FLUSH TOILETS AND RUNNING WATER! I was floored to be at a "back country" site with those amenities. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised though, Phantom Ranch is just a few feet away and has running water and even vends beer and wine. Of course we had to go and try a Bright Angel IPA since we were hiking its namesake.

Great Place to stay to see the Canyon

We stayed here the night before and the night after we hiked down into the canyon. The spots are reasonably spaced out and serviced by several restrooms with flush toilets and sinks. Each site has a spot for a tent, picnic table, and fire ring. Firewood and everything else can be bought at the park store that can be driven to or you can take a shuttle to.

If you want a shower you have to go back down to the laundry area and they are $2 for 5 min. My husband's shower cut off early though, so don't bank on your full 5 min.

Nice camping

This campground wasn't too crowded, but even if it had been full I think it would have been ok since the camp sites are further apart than the other main corridor campgrounds. There are a few trees for shade. Running water is only available seasonally, but Bright Angel Creek is nearby if you do need to filter. There are composting toilets. This is a great little campground for such a busy trail.