Reviewed Aug. 30, 2021

Gorgeous atmosphere with some hiccups

This area is incredibly beautiful! Loved our stay. We came up at the end of August and the weather was perfect! Low 60s at night and mid 80s in the day. Also, lots and lots of different kinds of mushrooms to catalog! The way up is easy. There is a rough spot right when you get in and then fairly smooth sailing after that. We were in our Kia Sedona and it handled great. I even saw some smaller cars up towards the top. However, the road that forks farther up on Google maps has been ruined by deep ruts and very difficult to get to. Best to stay on the main road. The rest of the grounds have lots of spaces that are very spread out. Ours was plenty far away from the road. Be sure to look carefully for spots. Some are really well hidden, which may be preferable. There's one that overlooks the canyon that we didn't see until leaving. I think I'll try for that spot next time. As for the state of the grounds. Most are pretty clean. But it seems like a number of them are regularly used by people with little to no knowledge of camping etiquette. Or just a general lack of regard for the next camper. We had to tear down and move the previous fire pit because it was clearly too small to use and overflowing with ash and garbage. Cleaned a lot of glass, cans and melted plastic. My son made a game of finding bullet casings. He found nearly 100 and stopped really looking after a while. None of that though was enough to ruin it. Still one of the best campouts in a long time.

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