BLM Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA)
Dee W.
Reviewed Sep. 19, 2021

Lake view $180 for 7 month stay

This campground is part of the long-term visitor area by imperial dam outside of the Yuma proving ground.

You turn off 95 into the east Imperial Dam road. You'll feel like you were turning onto an army base because you go betweentwo large pieces of military hardware and I decided the road. Then on your left you will see the human proving ground visitor center with examples of military hardware dating from world War II on. And interesting stop. See pictures and video.

The road has recently been reasshphalted and is actually smooth. Last year it was not. You will turn left at the sign for the Christian center. That spot has fresh highly filtered water for sale, propane, help with solar panels, a postal box you can use all season for your mail, and a little thrift store. You can also store your RV or ATV or boat there for $30 a month. Year-round.

The camping spot is back out the road on a ridge overlooking the lake. It does get windy in January, hence the name hurricane ridge.

Across from the campsite at the senator wash area is a dump station, huge trash bins with weekly pickup, portable water for your water tanks, toilets with running water and the check-in station to get your 7-month pass. They also set up a free table where people drop things they no longer need and also a library that is pretty well stocked with books and puzzles. Pay showers are available at the Squaw Lake campground just past the senator wash boat ramp.

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