Phon D Sutton
Jacob W.
Reviewed Sep. 2, 2018

Great Picnic spot right outside the city

First, I’m pretty sure this spot does not allow overnight camping. Coon’s Bluff, about five minutes up the road, does allow overnight camping, but only on weekends.

You will need a Tonto Recreation Pass. They can be purchased around the valley at most convenience/grocery stores/wal marts for $8. if you do not purchase this and display it on your rear view, you are subject to $100 ticket. just buy one (or a couple to keep handy in vehicle)

Phon D is a great day spot, yet can get extremely packed on weekends. During warm/hot days, entire families will pack in and bbq next. This means lots of people and lots of trash, which is only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars. Join the cool kids club and bring an extra trash bag or two, and help us pick up everyone’s mess!

Spot details:

This spot is right on the lower salt river. The water temperature stays pretty unchanged year round, but is amazing for summer play time. There are numerous picnic tables, as well as multiple Ramada’s. These picnic tables are spread out throughout this region, so if there are crowds, head upstream and keep checking for an empty table!

River has multiple swim spots, as well as an area to jump off some rocks (not cliff jumping, these rocks are a couple feet high at best, so good for young ones that can swim)

This area is also prime for seeing some of the ‘Native’ horses that reside in the region. So, if you’d like to enjoy a peaceful day at the river, swim, bbq, and maybe see some wild horses, this is a spot to check out!

there are a couple trails from people meandering. One follows upstream and shoots you out just before Coons Bluff. I personally like to bring my raft/tube up this trail, set off in the water (stay left) and jump back on shore just pass the rock jump area/main swim hole.

  • Sunrise view of Red Mountain from main ‘beach’ spot at Phon D
  • from main picnice area
  • Sunrise view of Four Peaks from main ‘beach’ spot