Penny A.
Reviewed Sep. 1, 2020

Good campsite, short drive from Phoenix

This is a good campsite just a short drive from Phoenix.  Campsites are on the smaller side and close to each other so would recommend mid-week camping over weekend. About half of the sites were closed though, not sure if due to Covid-19 or for repair.  Clean bathrooms that had motion sensor lights for night time use.  Clean drinking water and easy access to trash receptacles. Most camp sites sit either on the side of the hill, barely room for a tent, or right near the creek. The creek is nice and the water refreshing when it's warm out. There is a lot of bear activity in the area due to the creek so have to be careful and no leave anything out.

Stayed on Loop B, which is further from the road, though you will still get some noise.  Loop A was half the size of Loop B so be prepared to be even closer to neighbors is booking there. This is a very popular location and almost every site is reservation required.  Would recommend they do a minimum night stay on weekends though as noticed some people coming for only night, which meant a lot of traffic each day.  Sites were clean and the camp hosts in Loop B were very friendly. On my last night, it rained for nearly 4 hours. The next morning when packing up to head home, I realized that my large under tent tarp was trashed and one of the camp hosts told me to leave it where it was and he would make sure to take care of it.  Saved me a messy mud covered trip to the dumpster. 

Would stay here again, great value for such a short drive. Also had full cell phone and internet reception the entire time. Stayed in spot 27 which was one of the large camp sites though the parking spot was far from the table/fire pit. Spots 22, 23, 26, 28 and 33 in Loop B all looked nice.  Please note, you cannot see the creek from your camp site.  The creek sits below a small embankment and you have to walk down to it.  

Only improvement I can think of it to lay down better paths to walk around the campsite.  People generally tend to walk through your site and most of the ground was sand/dirt.  Would have been nice to have more grass or greenery.


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